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It is good to start your project with a design. Design ideas can come from anywhere. It doesn’t matter how they enter

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Sculpting starts right after creating the wire armature upon which the layers of foil and consequently, clay will be built.

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Once the doll is finished and painted, the time comes to give it a costume and make hair, working on a lock

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My Projects - BJD doll

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It’s such a pleasure to work with elenaoriginals! I took a private class with Elena – she has her own unique vision and she is always full of energy and ideas. I was recommended to take her class in person by a friend and I am so glad that I did! I loved every minute…

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Jannet M.

I bought the Ladybug sculpting tutorial on website. Excellent explanations, and very clear directions! I’m very pleased with my purchase! Thank you for sharing your expertise!

elena originals testimonials

Elena is very passionate and it shows through her work and classes. I bought 5 of her tutorials and will be coming for more 🙂 I especially loved the Steampunk video class. I knew how to sculpt before taking Elena’s classes but she showed me lots of tricks and simplified some approaches to sculpting the…

elena originals testimonials